Mac Namee and McCain were the founding partners of mcconnor meade Risk Management.  When the practice was first established, the mission in mind was to differentiate the company by establishing a group of high quality risk practices that provided a more personalized and customized service than was the norm.

Additionally, one of the guiding objectives was to afford clients with unparalleled attention to detail.  Whilst expanding the company's risk practices, the underlying principle was, and remains to this day, to place greater emphasis on quality rather than quantity.  Overtime our prudence has been rewarded.

In 2012 McCain left the company in order to be able to pursue other interests.  McCain’s equity was acquired in its entirety by Mac Namee who assumed the role of Principal on January 01st, 2012.

The list of clients for whom we have provided services either in the form of a direct engagement or in a sub-contracted capacity is extensive.  Our client list includes government agencies, corporations, individual private clients, family offices as well as leading insurance advisors and risk consulting companies.

Confidentiality and discretion are at the core of our operations and as such, we do not openly advertise the names of the clients who have engaged our services.  As part of the due diligence process and prior to any engagement, we will willingly provide points of contact for the purposes of obtaining references.

Case Studies providing generic overviews and scopes of work for previous engagements for government, corporate and private clients are available on the Practices and Services page of our website. 

Today’s complex operating environments demand high levels of expertise and specialization.  By default, an organization's certifications and qualifications have become the means to identify and ensure the quality of service a client is likely to receive.

It is with this mind that mcconnor meade has acquired a range of certifications by examination, which serve to demonstrate competency and expertise in the fields of operations in which our services are offered.  Below are some examples of the certifications and qualifications which we have been conferred.

Secutity Vulnerability Assessment Certification for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries

Business Continutiy Practitioner Certification

Security Management Certification (ASIS)

Project Management (PRINCE2) Practitioner Certification

Maritime MTSA/ISPS Certified FSO
MTSA Certified Secuity Auditing